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The Alt: Meat Lab offers courses in food innovation that focus on the technical foundations and product design of novel foods. Courses are offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters and count toward the SCET Certificate in Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Fall 2022

ENGIN 183/283 - Technical Foundations for Alternative Ingredients and Foods

Tu, Th  |  8-9:30am  |  Cory 241  |  App required

The alternative ingredient and food movement is rapidly expanding to encompass plant-based, fermented, and cultured foods/ingredients. The industry is striving to advance the next generation of foods due to both consumer demand and sustainability efforts. Innovations within alternative ingredients and food technology are laying the foundation for our food systems in years to come. There are both basic and technical concepts that will be covered in this course to help students get a better understanding of the product and ingredient innovation space.

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Spring 2023

ENGIN 183C - AltMeat: Product Design of Plant-Based Foods

M, W  |  4-5:59pm  |  Moffit 101  |  App required

The market for plant-based products is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as more consumers seek alternatives to meat, dairy, seafood, as well as plant-based food ingredients. This class is a hub where students closely interact with entrepreneurs, companies, venture capitalists and plant-based organizations, acquiring a holistic view of the plant-based food space. Students learn the principles of food science applied to the design and production of plant-based foods. Working in teams, they'll tackle industry challenges to design real novel plant-based products. Emphasis is given to the design of healthy, minimally processed foods, based on locally available raw materials. Graduates of the program have created new companies and/or work in leading plant-based companies.

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Plant-Based Foods: Critical analysis of production methods, sustainability, nutrition, and health

This free course is intended for anyone that wants to know how the new generation of plant-based foods are made (meat, milk, butter, etc.). The course will help consumers decide which ones to eat, and which ones, for the time being, they might prefer to pass on. Contents of the course include critical discussion of the following plant-based analogs: ground beef, milk/butter, cheese, as well as a brief discussion of upcoming trends like fungi-based foods, cell-cultured meat, precision fermentation, and how entrepreneurs in the future can work to make healthier, more sustainable foods.

Instructor: Ricardo San Martin, Co-founder and director of the Alt:Meat lab at the University of California, Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (College of Engineering).

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The Alt: Meat Lab is housed at SCET on UC Berkeley's campus.