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SCET-born startup Terramino Foods receives $4.25 million in seed funding

Terramino Foods (now primeroots), a startup with roots in the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, announced Tuesday that it had received $4.25 million in seed funding, which will be used to expand the team and continue with product development.

Co-founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon were members of the sixth class at biotech startup Indie Bio, where they received initial funding and product development support, according to a press release. The seed funding round was co-led by True Ventures and Collaborative Fund.

“We are proud to support Kim and Josh on their mission to bring great-tasting, healthy and sustainable, new foods to customers,” said True Ventures partner Adam D’Augelli. “The team’s differentiated technology and scientific approach have enabled them to create products that are both delicious and in line with the tastes and textures the consumer expects.”

Co-founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon developed the company’s prototype at the Alternative Meats Lab at UC Berkeley. Terramino Foods’ first product is a “salmon” burger made from fungi and algae, which not only physically resembles a salmon burger, but also contains healthy proteins and fatty acids.

Terramino Foods creates taste, texture and nutrition reminiscent of seafood and meat by using sustainably-grown fungi. Their products are untainted by pollutants, and their production method can be accomplished with zero waste produced — far more efficient than that of meat production.

“Terramino has identified a protein platform that has massive potential because of its unique texture and ability to substitute for many different animal proteins,” said Collaborative Fund partner Lauren Loktev. “As avid investors in meat alternatives, we at Collaborative were blown away by the taste and texture of Terramino’s salmon burgers and think the company can be the first to produce delicious seafood substitutes at scale.”

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