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Alt: Meat Alumni Startup Impact Tuna: A Plant-Based Alternative Making Waves in the Bay

Introducing Impact Tuna, the innovative plant-based raw sushi-grade tuna that is making waves in the food industry. The Alt: Meat Lab is excited to announce that starting March 15th, this sustainable seafood product will be available at all three locations of  Onigilly, a popular Japanese eatery in the Bay Area. Impact Food, the company behind the product, is dedicated to creating healthy and delicious plant-based seafood options that protect our oceans from overfishing. The launch of Impact Tuna at Onigilly is an exciting opportunity for consumers to try this game-changing product and experience the same umami taste and nutritional value of conventional fish, all while being better for the environment.

Bowl of plant-based tuna

Onigilly will be serving Impact’s plant-based tuna, which is a whole cut seafood product that is pioneering a new frontier in food innovation. Impact Tuna will be added as a fifth protein option on Onigilly’s menu, alongside existing tuna, salmon, shrimp, and tofu. Customers can enjoy Impact Tuna in their Onigilly Rice Balls and their Japanese-inspired Poke Bowls.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with Impact Food and the opportunity to bring their game-changing plant-based Tuna to our guests,” said Onigilly Founders Koji & Aki Kanematsu. “At Onigilly, we pride ourselves on offering authentic and innovative Japanese cuisine, and being the first restaurant to serve Impact Tuna is a testament to our commitment to both. We can’t wait for you to try it!”

Impact tuna
Impact tuna

Impact Tuna is made with nine ingredients that include pea protein, algae, and vegetable juice. It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, low in calories, has no cholesterol, and is always mercury-free. Using proprietary texturization technology and processing innovations, Impact Food turns plants into high-quality whole cut seafood that is scalable using standard off-the-shelf equipment. The result is a product that provides the same umami taste, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and nutritional value of conventional fish, all while protecting our oceans from overfishing.

Impact Tuna plate

“We strive to empower consumers with the choice to eat food that is better for them and the environment, without ever compromising on taste. We’re excited for you to choose your impact and experience Impact Tuna at Onigilly!” said Kelly Pan, Co-Founder & CEO of Impact. “Seeing our plant-based product at Onigilly for the first time was very emotional, and I can’t thank Koji and Aki, the co-founders of Onigilly, enough for their trust and support,” said Impact Co-Founder & COO Stephanie Claudino Daffara. “It’s amazing to see a product we’ve worked so hard on finally debut to the public,” said Impact Co-Founder & CTO Adrian Miranda.

After this exclusive soft launch and product debut with Onigilly, Impact Food will be officially rolling out across the country throughout 2023.